did you teach yourself to draw? i was thinking of buying a tutorial book on lifelike colored pencil drawing, do you have a recommendation?

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Yes I did bby! I’m not sure of any book that focuses on realistic colour pencil drawing but I think youtube usually have good tutorials :)

I'm in love with your Tumblr and with your art!!!

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Aww thank you so much bby! Means so much that you dropped by just to let me know this! 💕 xx

do you have a special person that keep your mood up these day?

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you have such a poetic mind i love it

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Hugs! <3


role models

  • frida kahlo
  • claude monet
  • vincent van gogh
  • sylvia plath
  • kurt cobain

random facts about you?

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Let’s see! umm

  • I think bruises are pretty 
  • I’m 155cm short (haven’t grown since 7th grade)
  • I can’t snap my fingers
  • nor can I whistle
  • Elevator rides are uncomfortable
  • I have horrible eyesight
  • and yet I often times choose not to wear any contact lenses
  • cause they make me feel self-conscious
  • Flowerssss
  • One word: bunnies
  • I have yet to learn how to ride a bicycle
  • My talent is sleeping
  • I once slept for 25 hours
  • which I’m secretly proud of

What year were you born in?

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12th May of 96! 😊

How professional was the quality of your art when you were 16? I do a lot of portraits right now and I was wondering if I would be able to be as good as you in 2 years? I find it really interesting to see how art improves over time :) do you have any examples of things you did when you were younger?

Asked by flouerescent

I agree, I love to see how artists and their artworks improve overtime! If you scroll towards the very bottom you can find my artworks from 2011/2012, I think the dates are written on the artwork itself. But each individual improves and develops at a different pace so there would be no point in comparing; just keep on practicing and improving all on your own. Please never stop drawing, you’re a wonderful artist! Hugs.

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