I love you. Your art , and your personality : )

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I love you too! Thank you for this message, lovely. All these little messages mean so much to me—the fact that you all spent the time just to drop by and let me know this; I just feel so thankful and blessed and I appreciate it so so much. Thank you thank you <3

did you teach yourself to draw? i was thinking of buying a tutorial book on lifelike colored pencil drawing, do you have a recommendation?

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Yes I did bby! I’m not sure of any book that focuses on realistic colour pencil drawing but I think youtube usually have good tutorials :)

I'm in love with your Tumblr and with your art!!!

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Aww thank you so much bby! Means so much that you dropped by just to let me know this! 💕 xx

do you have a special person that keep your mood up these day?

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you have such a poetic mind i love it

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Hugs! <3


role models

  • frida kahlo
  • claude monet
  • vincent van gogh
  • sylvia plath
  • kurt cobain

random facts about you?

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Let’s see! umm

  • I think bruises are pretty 
  • I’m 155cm short (haven’t grown since 7th grade)
  • I can’t snap my fingers
  • nor can I whistle
  • Elevator rides are uncomfortable
  • I have horrible eyesight
  • and yet I often times choose not to wear any contact lenses
  • cause they make me feel self-conscious
  • Flowerssss
  • One word: bunnies
  • I have yet to learn how to ride a bicycle
  • My talent is sleeping
  • I once slept for 25 hours
  • which I’m secretly proud of
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